Highlighting connection, culture, and memories in Soundset’s marketing

Each year more than 30,000 devoted fans travel from all over the world for the annual Soundset hip-hop music festival. While the lineup of musicians is certainly a draw for audiences, the opportunity to connect with artists and other fans is also an essential part of the experience.

Chief Operating Officer of Rhymesayers – Jason "J-Bird" Cook, describes the festival this way:

“It has always been about the overall experience. The artists are just a part of it. Soundset is about the whole experience. Checking out different things. Really the show is about the fans at the end of the day… it is about those memories and building that kind of experience. Everybody has photos of artists on stage but we get photographers who are able to capture that moment with the fans. It is about the whole experience. It is about the excitement and the energy that the fans bring to that. It is important to show both sides, all sides.”

The marketing for the festival really amplifies this audience-centered experience, breaking down different aspects of the day with short videos focused on other non-musical programming. According to Cook:

“The point is to show the hip hop culture. It is really always a tribute to the culture as a foundation to what Soundset is. Whether that is painting, b-boying, people dancing, car culture. It has always been about more than just music.”

Get Inspired

Watch Soundet’s promotional videos to see how they are capturing the audience experience and celebrating hip-hop culture at their festival. Start your own audit to see how you can capture and highlight images that share the whole of your experiences.

Photos courtesy of Soundset