Looking to review the public values research? Curious to hear from arts and culture leaders about how they’ve used the Creating Connection recommendations to shift their messaging and programming?

Register for our upcoming webinar on January 14 at 3pm CT and check out our growing library of recorded webinars for new stories and insights.

Dig in to the Data: Research and Message Recommendations

Anne Romens and Michael Johnson from Arts Midwest’s our Creating Connection team discussed what motivates people to participate in creative experiences in their communities and what it means for your organization's messaging and programming. View the webinar.

Success Stories: Creativity at Work

Kregg Arnston from Portland General Electric’s Corporate Social Responsibility Team and Aaron Nicholson from Opera San Jose share how they’ve used the Creating Connection insights to test new ways to increase access to and support for creativity in the workplace. View the webinar.

Success Stories: Inspiring interaction and connection

Lisa Mallette from City Lights Theater Company and Brian Weaver from the Portland Playhouse provide an inside look at audience engagement through post-show activities, parties and events, interactive installations, and community-devised programming. View the webinar.

Success Stories: Creativity and Connection at the Systems Level

Matt Wilson and Tracie Konopinski from MASSCreative and Emily Sevier from the San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs discussed how they're using insights from Creating Connection to shift the narrative around arts and culture at the city and state-wide level. View the webinar.

Success Stories: Audience Engagement and Inclusion

Rodrigo Garcia and Leigh Henderson from Teatro Visión and Bonnie Schock from Sheldon Theatre share new approaches to engage audiences in creative experiences that help them connect and learn more about the diversity present in their communities. View the webinar.

Success Stories:

Sara Mason and Lindsey McCarthy from the Eugene Symphony and Crystal Muno from Ross Ragland Theater and Linkville Players offer new ideas to use the Creating Connection framework to update messaging and increase engagement in programming both on and off the stage. View the webinar.