Are our views about arts and culture as divided as our politics?

Politically, we’re a fairly divided nation, with close election cycles, conflicting opinions on governance, and even heated contests about levies for school operations that pass with a margin of two, yes two, votes. 

But when it comes to public opinions about arts, culture, and creativity, where do we stand?

New research by Americans for the Arts and Ipsos Public Affairs looked in-depth at the perceptions and attitudes about the arts in the United States and found some happy majorities. 

Indeed, their findings are not dissimilar from the Creating Connection research on public values– there are high degrees of personal engagement with creativity across America, especially among communities of color, and there are significant benefits to that engagement, which span from personal well-being, to the positive impact of arts and culture on education, to the unique capacity of creativity to broaden our understanding of other cultures. 

Check out the full overview of this research on Americans for the Arts, refresh yourself on the messages that can help you tap in to these values, and then rest easy knowing that, at least for now, we can find something in common with our neighbors.