Minnesota (really is) nice: Majority value creativity, arts, and culture

We’re trying to make sure that everyone has access to creativity because it teaches us new things, it provides opportunities for connection, it’s an important outlet for new ideas, and it’s good for you. But perhaps most importantly, it’s fun!

As an arts organization, we know and believe that art and creative expression is valuable in our everyday lives—but what do people who don’t spend their everyday lives working in the arts think?

In our 2014 study we asked the general public about what’s most important to them, and where creativity and the arts fit into that picture. 

Here’s what we found out about Minnesota residents:

  • 78% agree that creativity is important to them personally
  • 70% agree that arts and culture are an essential part of a strong and vibrant community
  • 70% agree that the arts and culture are an important sector of our economy
  • 82% percent think it’s important to have the opportunity to express themselves creatively or to experience the creativity of others every day.
  • 82% agree children should have the opportunity to express or experience arts and culture in their daily school activities

If you’re part of this happy majority, join the Creating Connection movement! 

We’re creating a lot of great tools and resources to help communicate the power of creative expression, and we need your help to take it back to your communities.

If you’re curious about what we’re up to, what we asked in our research (and how we asked it), and want to learn more about our findings, check out our full report. Or contact us, we’re always happy to hear from you.