The Irrefutable Science of Happiness

Those of you who are familiar with the Creating Connection research and recommended messages have likely encountered this statement:

One of the benefits that people derive from connecting with each other through creative experiences is happiness.

Since our team includes a couple of research enthusiasts, it makes us happy to encounter studies that explore some of the same questions and — spoiler alert — land on similar findings.

So today's moment of (research) joy is brought to you by The New Bedford Wellness Initiative's talk on the Science of Happiness with nationally recognized Yale University Professor Laurie Santos.

Check out the full presentation for Dr. Santos's 10 big insights into happiness or enjoy this quick segment on how increasing your social connection is proven to contribute to your happiness. 

Hop on the Happiness Bandwagon

Like most smart people, the wisdom of Dr. Santos cannot be contained to a simple video and her research and reputation are enjoying some well-deserved recognition across the World Wide Web. Wanna learn more?

Feeling inspired?

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Banner image by Amanda L. Smith courtesy of Eugene Symphony.