Pendleton Center for the Arts: Creating belonging

Being a small organization can have its challenges. However, it can also a nimble team to take an idea like Creating Connection and run with it.

For the small but mighty Pendleton Center for the Arts, creating programming that is free and accessible to their community has always been a priority. But sometimes being free is not enough to engage families for whom art isn’t a regular part of their everyday lives. Being invited is a place to start, but feeling like you belong takes more effort.

A message to Chuck

Driven by that goal to create a sense of belonging, the staff at Pendleton began inviting patrons to share reactions to their experiences. It started by having people leave short videos for the featured artist, Chuck Close, via an iPad app called Videobooth.

The project was so successful that the iPad app became a permanent fixture in the gallery – inviting patrons to capture their experiences at Pendleton. The videos are then shared on YouTube, allowing guests to share their experiences while also helping Pendleton demonstrate their value to the broader community.

It's easy as...

Even small steps like these can invite new engagement with your audiences and patrons. Visit our tools page to access programming and messages resources that help people grow, give our communities a voice, and contribute to people's happiness and well-being.