Making the case for books

In an ode to reading, Will Schwalbe shares how the simple act of reading is one of the best ways to engage with the world, gain empathy, and find joy.

A solitary activity that simultaneously makes us feel connected to others, reading books can engage our imaginations, help us to escape social isolation, and offer new perspectives on the diverse world around us. In fact, Schwalbe is careful to argue that reading is far from a passive experience, rather it can and it does inspire action.

…reading isn’t just a respite from the relentlessness of technology. It isn’t just how I reset and recharge. It isn’t just how I escape. It’s how I engage. And reading should spur further engagement.

His piece offers a rather overt argument in favor of the fundamental right to read what we wish (ahem, let’s not ban any books, please).

Yet in giving us a tour of his bookshelf, Schwalbe also offers some insights and questions for our field around the critical nature of radical acceptance, connection, and kindness. 

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