Let's Dance

Everyone has fun. Everyone contributes. Everyone is accepted.

Those are the only rules set out by World Dance Party, a Seattle-based project that’s inspiring community-wide dance parties across the country. 

Designed to get neighbors to interact with one another and celebrate culture and diversity, the events include “several multicultural dances...taught by volunteer instructors in 20-minute mini-sessions, then everyone dances. That’s it. There’s no other agenda. No lectures. Just food and dancing and community.”

And if that wasn’t reason enough to organize one of these events for your community, World Dance Parties have a great, feel-good history: the idea grew out of a community conversation focused on how to create connections between older adults and young people, inspire citizens to improve their neighborhoods, and connect neighbors of different backgrounds.

So back to the rules.

There are three principles on the World Dance Party (WDP) website,* and while they seem like the perfect recipe for a great dance party, they also seem like the perfect recipe for all our creative offerings:

  • Everyone has fun: WDP is an event that energizes people and gives us all an outlet to know our neighbors in a fun and relaxed setting.

  • Everyone contributes: WDP is about building community. Everyone contributes in some way such as bringing a dish to share, teaching dances, volunteering, and inviting their friends and family to participate in the event.

  • Everyone is accepted: WDP should be a place where everyone can feel welcome and connected to their neighbors, regardless of their culture, race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, political view, sexual orientation, etc.

Download the toolkit to make it happen in your community. (And let us know if you do!)