Behind the See-nes

Today’s daily distraction is bought to you by Klaus Frahm, an architectural photographer who captures scenes of some of Germany’s most beautiful theaters from the perspective of the actors looking out into the auditorium.

Seeking to break down that ubiquitous “fourth wall” that separates audience from actor, Frahm shows us what the actor sees – 

"Here, the space reserved for the audience becomes flat, like a postcard…The camera looks up, taking note of the scaffolding and lighting structures: the mechanics of the space. Thus, we become aware of a workspace hidden behind the red velvet curtain. The contrast between backstage machinery and the sea of velvet seats is exciting."

For those of you who want to turn this minute of entertainment into something constructive for your organization – perhaps invite your audience to bear witness to the magic that makes it all happen by offering a virtual glimpse of your stage.

View the full collection and learn more about Klaus's work on LensCulture.

Photo Credit: "Berliner Ensemble, Berlin Klaus Frahm / Amrei Heyne Gallery /