Are teens the key to diversifying our audiences?

New research from the Whitney Museum of American Art uncovers just what makes a teen program work—and what long-term impacts those efforts can have on the youth who participate, the museums who host them, and the greater field of arts, culture, and creativity.

The short version?

We all benefit.

A well-designed teen program (hint: there are lots of tips in here for how to design one well) can break down barriers between low-income youth and museums; can foster lifelong connections to art, culture, and creativity for those teens; and can broaden and build diverse museum audiences for the future.

Win, win, and win? We think so.

Check out the full report: “Room to Rise: The Lasting Impact of Intensive Teen Programs in Art Museums” to get the data-driven Framework for Intensive Teen Engagement, learn more about the five engagement strategies that you can put to work in your programs, and start seeing the short-term outcomes that lead to long-term audiences for your institution.