An Army of Choristers

There were many reasons to enjoy Saturday’s football game between the Army and the Navy: it was a close game, it was filled with friendly competition, and, of course, it ended with a victory by the underdog. (Well, perhaps not “underdog,” they are the Army, after all. But they hadn’t won in 15 years and if the Chicago Cubs victory in the 2016 World Series showed us anything, it’s that we all like a good comeback story.)

But for those of us who weren’t it in purely for the football, it was the post-game celebration that resonated most… 

As is tradition, the teams came together after the game to sing their alma matters. The losing team goes first, and then the winning team gets to sing their alma matter last, with both teams singing both songs, in a show of support and togetherness.

It’s hard to imagine how anything but a song, backed by the inimitable power of a prideful chorus, could foster such connection among a crowd so vast in size. And it’s reassuring that at an event so focused on physical performance, that there’s a little space for a creative performance too.  

So congrats, Black Knights, on your victory. May you all continue to strike up the band and join the chorus.