All is calm, even the kids

The holidays are right around the corner, and with them come an abundance of shows designed to help you and yours celebrate the season.

But if you’re anything like me, you might be slightly reticent to bring your young children to the theater, symphony, or ballet.

(Internal, panicked monologue.)

Will my daughter sit still or will she start kicking the seat in front of her? Will my son get bored, or worse, say something wildly inappropriate just as the lights start to dim and silence falls over the audience?

Tis the season to do your homework

While I absolutely believe in the power of creative expression to transform and transfix an audience (even one that includes my high energy kids), I have to say I’m also reassured by this how-to guide for bringing your children to the symphony.

In short, it encourages parents to do some prep work before you go, (i.e., introduce some classical music and ask yourself, can my child sit still for this?) It also offers some nice tips about navigating the experience once you’ve arrived (ahem, visit the restrooms before you sit down and have an exit plan). 

Dig in to the tips, do some prep work, and enjoy the holiday shows, the opportunities to connect with your families, and all the memories that will come.