When we share creative experiences and express our creativity, we build powerful connections with the people we’re closest to, with our community and the world around us, and with ourselves.

Join the Creating Connection movement, a national initiative to change social norms so creative expression, arts, and culture are embraced as a recognized, valued, and expected part of everyday life. 


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People value arts and culture more when it helps them connect with those they care about. How do we know? We asked them! Find out what else the research says about some of today's most sought after demographics.

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Applying the Creating Connection framework is easy. Explore a range of tools to get you started telling stories that help people grow, give our communities a voice, and contribute to people's happiness and well-being.

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We're currently hosting events across the country. Learn how you can apply methods from our research at your own organization, and craft messages that resonate with broad and diverse audiences.

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